First Congregational Church of Bethel

“As each has received a gift, use it to serve one another, as good stewards of God’s varied grace”

(1Peter 4:10)

Dorothy Day Hospitality House: Members prepare meatloaves every 5th Sunday for this Danbury Soup Kitchen.

Daily Bread Food Pantry: Members distribute food to the needy from St. James Church in Danbury.

Daily Bread Food Pantry sends a big "thank you" for your responses to "ask and ye shall receive."  Daily Bread doesn't need any more egg cartons at this point - they are well stocked.  However, keep the plastic bags coming!   And Daily Bread does have a new request for us.

In response to the food and dietary needs of Middle Eastern families in the Danbury area, Daily Bread would like to create a shelf of Middle Eastern food items and staples.  If folks at FCCB can add to the food items that we usually donate for the next month or two, here are the items that are especially needed:

Dried chickpeas

Dried lentils (red or green)

Dried fava beans

Medium grain rice (white)

Bulgur grain (white burgoul)

Tahini Sesame Paste

Check out the posters near our Daily Bread food collection table for photos of some of these items.  If you don't know where to buy them, the C Town grocery store has a Middle Eastern section on the far left wall, beyond the deli section.  Hannah's Market on Lake Avenue in Danbury also specializes in Middle Eastern food stuffs.

Thank you for your ongoing caring and sharing for families and individuals in Bethel, Danbury and the surrounding communities.

For more information you may contact Jill Shaw at gmshaw@juno.com
Remember…many hands make light work!  We can do this!

 Brotherhood in Action: A collection for the Bethel food pantry in which we donate during holidays.

Simply Smiles: We support Simply Smiles in a variety of ways, including selling Simply Smiles Coffee and Mission trips to South Dakota from time to time,  to work, play and make new friends.