First Congregational Church of Bethel

Our Director Ashley Drake Adams has always been passionate about giving back to the community around her. She started her service where most little girls do by joining Girl Scouts in her home town of Simsbury CT, and then continued with helping out by volunteering at school fundraisers or babysitting at after school programs. Throughout high school, Ashley participated in many service trips which included West Virginia, New York City, Canada, and Tennessee. While in college she was the volunteer coordinator at the Boys and Girls Club of Lynn, MA and traveled to Kentucky and Washington D.C. as an advisor to a high school group. Since then Ashley has become the Youth Director at The First Congregational Church of Bethel and has shared her passion for service with the youth of the church. Ashley has a spirit and enthusiasm that is contagious and loves working with the youth of Bethel and neighboring communities to perform volunteer services for those in need.