Restart Notice -- Phase in Approach

In an effort to keep our members safe and healthy, our building has been closed since mid-March.  At the May Cabinet meeting, our Leadership made the decision to reopen the building for group meetings, effective May 27, 2020.  In-Person Worship Service and All Youth Group meetings remain suspended and will be resumed as conditions develop during the summer and fall.  Our next Regular Worship Service is planned for November 22, 2020.  We are still checking phone messages and getting the mail several times a week.  The best way to contact us is by emait to:


"No matter who you are, no matter where you are on life’s journey, you are welcome here".

Play the YouTube Video (below) to see the work done when the Church's twin steeples were rebuilt.

The History of our Church

The Short Version:
The First Congregational Church of Bethel was gathered in 1759.  Captain Ebenezer Hickok granted land for the building and burial ground.  The original church burned down in 1842, and was rebuilt.  In 1865 the spire of the new building fell in a strong wind.  The meeting house was sold to the town and moved to the other side of the burial ground.  The congregation built a new structure on the site of the original meeting house, where we continue to worship today.

The Long Version:

"History of a Yankee Church"  is a pamphlet style document describing the origins of our congregation.  It was written by Lewis E. Goodsell, Sr.  in the late 1950's.  Check it out.

More Information:

The Bethel Historical Society shares our campus, it is located in the "1842 Second Meeting House".  The two buildings are seperated by the Church's original burial ground.  They have a wealth of information in the second floor museum and much can be seen on their comprehensive web site.