"No matter who you are, no matter where you are on life’s journey, you are welcome here".


We welcome members to help in all areas of our Congregational Life.  Some areas only require help with tasks for short periods of time as others may be a bit more time consuming.


Church Cabinet

The Church Cabinet is composed of the chairs of each board and committee, the Clerk, one member at large, the Treasurer, the Financial Secretary, the Moderator, and the Pastor, acts on the Congregation’s behalf in order to oversee the operations of the church during the year, and to implement the Mission Plan adopted by the Congregation at its annual meeting.


Ad Hoc or Special Committees

The Church Cabinet, subject to confirmation by the Congregation, may establish a time-limited Special Committee or Task Force for a specific temporary purpose or assigned task which is beyond the scope of the Standing Committees responsibilities.  Any such Special Committee or Task Force shall be responsible to the Church Cabinet.


Worship and Congregational Care Board

This Board includes the Deacons/WCCB Leadership, Worship Planning Team, Worship Leadership Team, Call and Visitation Team, Flower and Sanctuary Decoration Team, Usher Team, Book of Remembrance and Whitcomb Music Fund Team.  The Board is responsible with the Pastor for the form and content of worship services including the Weekly Sunday Bulletins, as well as the spiritual welfare of the Congregation.  The Board also provides orientation of new members and oversees membership records.  The Board provides the sanctuary flowers and banners, and ensures that the sanctuary is decorated for the various seasonal needs, such as Easter and Christmas.  The Board assists in funeral and weddings, including setting up the sanctuary and Patchen Parlor [waiting room for family].  They organize the Memorial Service Receptions when needed.  They oversee all aspects of music, and supervise the Music Director.  The Board is responsible for “Ushers and Greeters” and “Book of Remembrance”, of which the latter administers monies received as memorials for the enhancement of the church building and the “Whitcomb Music Fund” which supports the music program of the church.


Board of Christian Education

The Board of Christian Education is responsible for the planning, direction and supervision of all of the church’s youth education and mission programs.  It also helps run the church’s nursery, through which the care of infants and toddlers is offered during worship services and other church activities.  The Board will oversee the Youth Director and our Church School Superintendent.


Board of Finance

The Board of Finance is in charge of financial affairs of the church, always subject to regulations prescribed by law.  The Board will manage investments, monitor income and expenses, do the financial planning for the church, develop and monitor procedures for approval and payment of all bills.  The Board will prepare the annual church budget in cooperation with the Board of Stewardship/Generosity to be acted upon at the Congregation’s Annual Meeting.


Board of Stewardship/Generosity

The primary focus of the Board of Stewardship/Generosity is to stimulate, encourage and promote support of the church and its mission here and beyond by the members and parish families.  The Board will execute the annual, as well as any other pledge drive throughout the year.


Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees is responsible for the care and custody of all church properties and provides advice to the Church Cabinet and Congregation on proposed additions, improvements or modifications of church facilities and grounds.  The Board reviews and negotiates utilities, building and personnel contracts, leases, equipment, contractors, etc..  The Board will monitor all church facility use.


Pastoral Relations Committee

The Pastoral Relations Committee is responsible for facilitating communication between the congregation and the Pastor, doing an annual review of the Pastor and making recommendations for the Pastor’s salary and benefits.


Mission and Service Board

The Mission and Service Board plans and implements all church social ministry activities including our outreach to the poor, homeless and disadvantaged.  Our participation in peace and justice initiatives and our involvement in the larger community and ecumenical service programs.  The Board is also responsible for obligations and support to our Conference and Association Delegates.  Our delegates attend the Annual Meeting of the Connecticut Conference of the United Church of Christ and meetings of the Fairfield East Association of the UCC.


Fellowship and Communication Board

The Fellowship and Communication Board is responsible for development of plans and implementation of programs to promote membership growth and increase membership participation in the life of the church.  They propose and give advice to the Cabinet and Congregation on “Strategic Planning” for the congregation’s future direction, as well as having our “Historian” for past knowledge.  The Board establishes the method for archiving our history, as records and memorabilia keeping is paramount to the history of this church.  The Board works to make the church, its programs and facilities known in the community through media or other means.  The Board is also responsible for the oversight of any literature published by the church, and for any websites or online profiles/pages, including but not limited to Facebook, Twitter, etc…. that represent the church.  The Board oversees prEview, our weekly informational bulletin. The Board organizes fellowship activities such as Coffee Hour, Book Study groups, Pot Luck dinners, non-fundraising picnics, Brews & Chews, etc…


Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee prepares a slate of board and committee members, as well as church officers, to be elected at the annual meeting of the congregation.



Officers are elected at the Annual Meeting in November.  They serve for a calendar year.

Moderator:  Wade Anderson

Preside over all business meetings of the church and Church Cabinet.

Clerk:  Mirra Penn

Keep faithfully the records and documents of the church. Issue notice and keep a faithful record of all business and Church Cabinet proceedings.

Financial Secretary:  Pam Smith

Receive and deposit all monies, with the exception of any monies pertaining to special accounts as directed by the Board of Finance. Provide receipts for same to the Treasurer and furnish the church and its members with financial information as described by policy. Keep an accurate record of each subscriber.

Assistant Financial Secretary:   Jackie Pflieger

The Assistant Financial Secretary may stand in for the Financial Secretary.

Treasurer:  Eric Hermansen

Pay the bills of the church as directed by the Board of Finance. Keep an accurate account of all receipts of purchases and disbursements. Present a written report of same to Church Cabinet each month.

Assistant Treasurer:  Jim Welsh

The Assistant Treasurer may stand in for the Treasurer.