First Congregational Church of Bethel

Our Sanctuary Choir:

Music is a vital part of our Sunday Worship service. Carefully selected hymns greatly enhance the spiritual energy of our worship experience. We are fortunate to have a group of dedicated and talented musicians as members of our Sanctuary Choir led by Tina Johns Heidrich. The richness in the variety of voices blends in harmony with God’s word and its pleasing effect can be felt long after we depart.  Each Sunday from September through June our Choir rehearses at 9 am, prior to our 10 am worship service.

If you would like to join our Choir please contact Tina, via email at .

Many of our Choir members share their individual musical talents as guest musicians throughout the summer months. If you would like to fill in during the summer please contact Julie Sorcek,  via email at .

Choir Members:

Claudia Anderson
Becky Everhart
Carole Furlong

Anne Habeck

Allie Hermansen
Sandy Milsap
Sue Rieve
Pam Smith

Marcia Merritt
Nancy Northrop
Jackie Pflieger
Julie Sorcek


Larry Beam

Roy Hawley
Charlie Smith


Jim Alworth
Jeff Lawrence
Mark Milsap

Roy Smith

Our Bell Choir:

First used individually to simply gather a group of people together, handbells have evolved as finely tuned instruments. Each bell is limited in its pitch and note range, therefore the Handbell Choir is considered a single instrument with each member responsible for their own notes as they appear in the arrangement of music. It is of great importance for each member to be present in rehearsal and performance as their part is essential to the music being played. It is as much a pleasure to watch as it is to listen to the melodic sound as it reverberates throughout the sanctuary.  Each month our Handbell Choir gathers together on the sanctuary balcony to perform the Prelude as we listen below  in preparation to our Worship Service.

Bell Choir members: 
Allie Hermansen
Priscilla Parzuchowski
Sue Rieve
Julie Sorcek
Charlie Smith
Pam Smith
Roy Smith